Celebre com Saúde

Celebrate Healthy

Most people consider it is only important to go to the doctor when we are sick, however, there are many advantages to opting for a more preventive approach.

Routine check-ups and exams are extremely important as there are many diseases that can be avoided when diagnosed early.

During the pandemic, access to healthcare gained many restrictions, and this ended up preventing early diagnosis of many problems that could have been minimized.

This situation also helped us understand the real importance of being able to take a more active role in our own health.

With the holidays just around the corner, no one wants to risk the time they have to dedicate to their family and friends, in a hospital dealing with unforeseen health issues.

Although it does not replace regular monitoring by your doctor, today you can play a more active role in preventing and monitoring your health by carrying out a simple test at home.

With the overeating inherent to the festive season, it is always prudent to check your cholesterol levels, or take a Diabetes test to find out if there are foods you should avoid. You can also check your liver function to screen for possible liver problems. Or even test your heart health or monitor your kidney performance.

All this without having to leave home, thus avoiding queues and waiting rooms in clinics or laboratories.

Discover the tests you can do with us here and take advantage of our Christmas campaign until December 31st!
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