Novembro Azul:  Sensibilização e Prevenção do Cancro da Próstata

Blue November: Prostate Cancer Awareness and Prevention

The month of November is recognized as a period of awareness and prevention of Prostate Cancer. Following this, a movement called "Movember" emerged in Australia in 2003, whose name is a combination of the English words mustache (moustache) and november (November).

"Movembro" is the name of the campaign carried out by several organizations, aimed at the whole of society, but with a special focus on raising men's awareness about male health issues, with an emphasis on the prevention and early diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.

Preventing this type of cancer involves adopting a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet, regular physical activity, reducing alcohol and tobacco consumption, as well as regular medical screening for early detection.

Prostate cancer is a generally silent disease, with a silent evolution and without symptoms, which, when they appear, can be a sign of an advanced disease. Detecting it at an early stage is essential, as it allows treatment with a very high cure rate.

​As with all oncological diseases, early diagnosis is essential for better treatment results.

In the month of November, men from around the world show their support for this important cause by growing their mustaches and, in this way, promoting awareness about men's health.

Join Movember and make a difference in preventing Prostate Cancer.

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