At-Home Lab Testing has partnered with Dr. Online in a new partnership that aims to facilitate everyone's access to medical care without having to give up the comfort of their home.

Like At-Home Lab Testing, Dr. Online was born during the pandemic as an active response to the constraints that were felt in access to healthcare. In this case, with the aim of offering an easy, agile and effective alternative within the care that video call consultations allow.

How does Dr. Online differentiate itself?
Being the first fully digital platform for medical video consultations in Portugal that aims to break down the barriers of time and physical distance. And looking for disruptive and technological solutions that add value to your services, as is the case with At-Home Lab Testing.

What is intended with this partnership?
With this partnership, we aim to create an innovative digital path where we start with an online consultation that can be done comfortably from the comfort of your home. This process can be accompanied by requesting an analysis and sending the kit to people's homes, always maintaining this thread of convenience. The results are also sent by email. And then again an online medical consultation so that customers can enjoy excellent medical care with greater comfort and ease.

By prescribing these analysis kits, we offer a more convenient healthcare service to patients, speeding up diagnoses by facilitating the process and allowing for faster medical intervention and also opening the door for more follow-up consultations.

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